How to pitch faster

I am 14 and I am trying really hard to improve my pitching speed. The last time I had my pitches clocked I threw about mid 50s, and this simply isn’t fast enough for me to be dominating at my age anymore.

Please take a look at my video and critique my delivery in terms of how I could change it to pitch faster. Also, if you know any drills or weight training things that could help please include that. In this video I throw 3 fastballs, 3 curves, and 3 changeups in that order from each camera angle.
Here is the like again in case the above doesn’t work

Note: I do throw slightly faster on a mound but pitching out front of my house is more convienient to do everyday.


Let me ask you something. How tall are you, and how much do you weigh? These are factors that have to be taken into consideration. My guess is that at age 14 you still have a lot of growing to do, and you’ll probably hit a growth spurt in a year or two, maybe shoot up several inches, at which time you’ll see an increase in velocity and power. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do, and one of the most essential is to get your whole body into the action and not just throw with your arm and your shoulder. You should work on driving off the lower half of your body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, so you can generate more power behind your pitches—there are several exercises and drills you can do to work on this. I remember how, at the age of 13, I used to go to the original Yankee Stadium and watch the Big Three in action; I saw just how they were doing this, and I picked up on it and started working on it. As I practiced this essential aspect of good mechanics I found that I was not only generating more power behind my pitches, I was also throwing harder—and faster—than I had been doing, with less effort, and it didn’t matter that I was destined to stay a 5’4" shrimp. I was a right-handed sidearmer who used a slide-step, had a consistent release point and used the crossfire a lot, and because I had the mechanics I never had a sore arm or a sore elbow or a sore anything else. 8)

It appears you have arm slop. I am no expert, but check out these other threads regarding arm slop

If I was working with you this is what I would do.

  1. Stop lifting your right heel on knee lift, keep you foot down and stay balanced.
  2. Break your hands lower, loosen up a little. From the video it appears your arm is stiff at hand break and release. It appears you short arm or restrict yourself during release.
  3. You are closing yourself off and causing to throw across your body. Try landing your foot a little more to the left. Also try landing more toward the toes or ball of your foot not the heel.
  4. Finally follow through, you stop yourself and twist. Let your body come on through and over your landing foot. Using your lower half of your body as suggested above will help with this.
    This covers some mechanical things I see, other things would strength training, stretch and grow.