How to make your own bands cheaply

If you look at the “j-bands” they are over 30 bucks. Which is a lot of money for something you will have to replace eventually. I recently figured out how to make basically the same product for about five and half dollars.

My dad is a phys. ed teacher and got me some black tubing, which is most likely the same kind of tubing found in the J-bands. I bought 3 carabiners clips at Lowe’s.(google it if you don’t know what those are) They were about a 1.80 a piece and they had some different colors. I bought an extra just in case one broke, so all you really need are 2 of them. One would probably work, but I’ll explain why I used two.

I hooked the two clips to my bands and hooked the clips to a fence. I use two clips, so the I can spread on the tension on the band, and not have the clip put all the pressure on one spot of the band. I adjusted the tubing to be even on both sides for the two arm exercises. For the one arm exercises, I knotted the band on the clips.

Also the get the same wrist thing as the ‘j-band’ I simply tied a knot at both ends making a loop. It takes a few tries to get the knot to stay, but once it does, it usually stays for as long as you use it.

I recently had success in making/using with this, so I thought I would share this money saving tip for you.

P.S. My dad got me the black bands for free, so I don’t know how much it costs. I’m not sure how they sell it either, but I would get the longest band length you can get. You can always cut off parts if it is too long.

Hope this helps!

Not a bad idea. However, the tubing is the main thing. Even buying it from medical supply companies - including shipping - is more expensive than just getting SPRI bands from Amazon for like $12 with free shipping.

The J-Bands are neat, but like you, I can’t see paying that much.

That’s only thing I didn’t have to buy because my just got me it from his school. It helps to have a dad that can get you stuff like that.

Even if you got that band you’re talking about and the clips I mentioned it would still only be 17 dollars, which is about half of the J-Bands. It may be a couple bucks less depending on how many clips you buy and the price of them.