How to make mechanical adjustments?


I’ve come on the following changes I need to make:

Pulling down instead off to the side to stay closed
Leading with the hip - last worry as it’s more explosive for velocity than injury prevention
Landing closed
Staying at 3/4 low 3/4 slot instead of dropping sidearms

Question: when I land, if I’m landing closed should my hips be still facing 3rd (RHP) or facing the plate?

Question - How can I make these changes? When I shadow my work without throwing, its near perfect but when I pitch, the only change that sticks is pulling down than to the side.



Question: when I land, if I’m landing closed should my hips be still facing 3rd (RHP) or facing the plate?

If you are talking about front foot plant then you should not be landing closed at all. At front foot plant or landing this is what should be happening:

  1. Back leg ankle has started to or has kicked over
  2. Lead knee is positioned on a slight angle behind lead foot
  3. Pitchers back leg should be extended facing catcher
  4. Arm is in the cocked position

Hope this helps




Thanks, this was incredibly helpful, the image summed it up pretty well. Any tips on how to implement mechanical changes?


Answer: Most pitchers don’t have the flexibility to open up the front leg/foot into foot plant without some amount of hip rotation so it is likely that your hips should be facing somewhere between 3B and home plate.

Answer: It takes lots of reps to change a habit or ingrained movement pattern. This poses a problem for pitchers who can’t throw that many pitches. So the use of drills/shadow work is appropriate. Also, it can be difficult to change more than one habit/pattern at a time. In order to increase your chances of successfully making the changes you desire, I suggest the following: (1) Work on one element of your delivery at a time, (2) Work on the earliest element of your delivery first, (3) Alternate drill/shadow work with live pitching to help take what you practice in the drills/shadow work to the mound, (4) Be aware that what you change early in the delivery will likely change (hopefully improve) things later in your delivery.

One more thing, leading with your hip can affect your timing and timing changes can certainly affect health in addition to velocity. Improvements to timing ought to improve health.


Thanks, regarding the last paragraph, could you explain that a little more? So would it be healthier leading with the hip? I know it gives more momentum= more velocity, one of my offseason goals.


Pitchers should lead with their hip, BUT to often, pitchers push their front hip out thinking this is the correct way to do it. Pitchers need to create ground force production with their back foot by pushing that foot down into the ground and not pushing off the rubber in a diagonal motion with their back leg. Pitchers need to be explosive creating ground force energy while moving (sitting) into their delivery, moving the middle of their body down the mound. See Below


Not like this

I would also start with lower half training first. Most of the time, when done properly, it clears up other flaws in the delivery. When teaching new movements, I have my pitchers blend the drills. I do 3 dry movements and then put it together with a full motion.



If you’re not leading with your front hip then you may be leading with your front foot or shoulder. These can lead to early rotation which leaves your arm lagging behind and having to play catchup. That’s a health issue.


Do you think if I post a video in the coming days you could take a peak? Thanks


Thanks this is incredibly helpful


Sure post a video


@Roger @explosivepitching

If it’s alright I’m uploading a video of me from the windup in slow mo w/ a front and side view. I’d like your guys feedback as I’m thankful for the help you’ve given me already. It looks like I’m tucking my mitt well, leading with the hip well too. I can’t tell about staying closed though and if I’m throwing from a low 3/4 or still sidearm.

I will try to add a video from the stretch to send in the week, the one I got today was too dark as my dad got home late.

Also I’m going to DM you guys it as it has my city and home in it.



Wondering the arm slot, if my foot is closed at landing and if my elbow should be leading or my hand.


Am I doing it well with the hip? How can a lead with the hip from a small knee pinch and go to make my time to be plate sub 1.4?


I will take a look at your video today



Hip looks ok. I suggest searching YouTube for “Hershiser drill” - there is a video there of Tom House teaching the drill. This will give you a good way to practice leading with the front hip.

Arm slot looks like somewhere between sidearm and low 3/4. I have no concerns there.

You do appear slightly over-rotated at release and this, to me, is the main concern with low arm slots. You could try to stay closed longer but that is awkward. A better solution is too start moving forward sooner - like slightly before peak of knee lift. By doing this you simply won’t have time to over-rotate before release.

Moving forward sooner will also make you quicker to the plate to hit that 1.4 sec benchmark.