How to maintain flexibility while building muscle?


I’ve been really ramping up my lifting trying to get stronger but I’ve noticed that as I put on more muscle mass I tend to lose flexibility. Any pitcher knows flexibility is an integral part of velocity. My question is aside from the sleeper stretch, what else should I be doing to make sure I stay flexible in my legs and arm?


When I was in the middle of my training and ramping up the strength training, I always felt like I got more flexible as I added strength, not less. Add Active Isolated Stretching post-workout like the rope routine I’ve got in TUFFCUFF in the Regeneration section. Or you can Google AIS stretching.


Stay away from machines, lift free weights.


What do you think about cable exercises?


Do stretches before workout.


How does this increase flexibility vs stretching afterward or on off days?


Cable exercises are fine, another tool.
What sort of work do you do on a cable machine?


I use cables almost every time I go to the gym (except leg day). I do cable rows a lot. I like rope extensions on the cables for triceps, as well as cable curls with various attachments and grips.


They are fine.
In terms of flexibility free weights/bar bell work is better because it gives a range of motion that machines don’t. When I say machines I mean isolation body building machines…curl machine ect.