How to long toss Indoors-How I do it-Now finished

Here is the facilities here at school and what I get to use.

I’ll keep this as short and simple as I can.

35-36 degrees is the ideal long tossing angle. So you can simulate long toss at any distance. The key is to gradually build up intent, like if you were outside.

Here is a the pdf that I made that lays out everything that I believe there is to know about this.

Let me know what you you all think!

This could work if going outside is definitely not an option. Just realize that one of the biggest benefits of long toss (mechanically) is that you get instant feedback on how far the ball traveled which helps you really feel how connected a given throw is.

For example,

Today I got out to about 80 yards before I began putting any effort into my throws. Eventually I reached a pretty easy 100 yards at about 90%. I was relatively connected, and I could see and feel the ball going a bit further than usual with less effort. Indoors, I would just know that throw felt like 70%, I wouldn’t know whether it was a 60 yard or 80 yard throw, making to tougher to make adjustments in session.

For sure Lanky, but in scenic Ohio, that is rarely the possibility in the Winter and in the early spring. So I made this for when there is either snow, rain, or both that prevent me from going outside.

I agree with you on the feel part. I also like going outside because you can work on location from far away more so than if you not throwing to a finite target like being inside.