How to lift

When lifting, should a pitcher lift heavy or light? How many reps per set? How many sets per exercise?

lot of good programs and varying opinions out there. im going to do what the college and pro guys are doing. we’ve got our program on our website.ive spent alot of times getting college programs and pro programs to put this together. you can email college coaches and see what they are doing. coach griffin’s website has programs available - noexcusesbaseball.

college coaches, or the ones i have talked to don’t hand out their programs

but to answer your question, you need to come up with a specific goal…gain weight, gain muscle, maintain, just do enough to keep your muscles active, etc…

another question to ask yourself is whether you are in season or out of season…i’m guessing your out of season unless your playing with a year round travel team

the offseason is the best time to really go heavy and work on adding some muscle

not on here to argue but ive had no problem getting info from colleges and pro organizations. ive got a bookshelf and folders full of them.

The volume and intensity change throughout the year. As far as going light, I would never suggest it unless you haven’t ever lifted before and are just beginning. You have to use overload for your body to respond and get stronger. Pitching is a very powerful action. You need to prepare in a similar manner.

Thanks. What about when the season starts, how should my training change?

In season lifting should be lower in volume but keeping moderate to high intensity.