How to learn to repeat a delivery

I’m a junior in high school throwing at the varsity level. I throw maybe once every 2 weeks in a game because i am the starting outfielder and my team needs me there. However we do have practice everyday for hours and there are plenty of opportunities for me to throw mechanics and some bullepens. I also have opportunities to throw outside of practice if that is what you suggest.
Anyways, so here’s the problem. This past week my coach changed my arm slot. I used to throw directly over the top, and now he is trying to get me to throw out of more a 3/4 arm slot. Obviously this feels really awkward because its new but I agree that alot of good thigns can come from this. I threw a live bullpen last week against my team and it just didn’t feel right. Just about every time my arm slot was slightly different and this led to a little bit of lack of control. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that I can work to repeat my new delivery consistantly? Towel Drills? Tons of mechanics? Thanks

go over your mechanics in the mirror multiple times…this will allow you to get more comfortable with the new mechanics and it will allow you to see the minor mistakes you are making with each delivery.

To have a repeatable arm slot, you’ll need a repeatable posture. No doubt when you were throwing over the top you tilted your head, spine and shoulders to the glove side. Now, to lower the arm slot, you need a more upright head and spine and more level shoulders. Make those things repeatable and the arm slot should be repeatable.

why change the arm slot? there are plenty of good pitchers that pitch from there. of course i agree that repeatable posture does help, but…unless you were all over the place, i wouldn’t change your slot.

i have had to make this change before as well at the college level…a lot of what your body does is based off of your sights…for example as a lefty i had to point my right elbow about 2 feet to the left of my catcher when i dropped down…don’t think so much about the arm slot as much as the position of your head and separation of your hands, etc…

[quote=“Roger”]To have a repeatable arm slot, you’ll need a repeatable posture.[/quote]BINGO!!

Practice your mechanics on flat ground for five minutes everyday. Very effective!