How to keep a baserunner close

The average pitcher waits three seconds in the set then throws the ball to home. Most good baserunners know this and will till the pitcher. So if you can hold the ball for 4 seconds or 2 seconds sometimes you have a change to upset the timing of the baserunner. Hold the ball make there nerves go crazy.

Also when you are on base wait three seconds then if you think he is going to go then just go. It’s worked for me!!!

Vary your eyes sometimes too.

Pitchers in our league (Babe Ruth) aren’t too gifted always. That and the 2B and SS don’rt pay to much attnetion (only some do) to a walked batter or someone who just got a sinlge. I usually get to first wait a little and just take off if the pitcher is set or not. I cause lots of balks cause the pitchers goes to get set or goes to start the delievery home and I completely mess him up.
I did it a couples times at the beginning of the season cause the 2B and SS weren’t paying attention but then I started to try and mess up the pitcher and time myself on when to go. So far I’ve never gotten picked off this way and when runners are on third they usually score (from a balk or they steal home). Watch out if your in more competitive baseball I doubt this would work very well but as of right now it works great.

Steven has an awesome chapter about holding runners in his Pitching Philosophy book.

Vary up your windup and use a slide step, but I usually dont worry bout’ them to much since only about 20% of people who steal second with no outs in a inning score anyways.