How to increase movement on pitches

I would like to get my 2 seam or 4 seam to tail a little or a lot, also is a cutter a good pitch to throw? how do I get it to move? I am just really working on increasing my velocity and increasing my movement right now, i have a good changeup, so ill work on a curveball after, im at around 72-74 and im trying to get to around 80-82.

I throw a “natural slider”, as coaches have always told me, as my fastball. The way i get the cutter movement on it is my just coming off the side of the ball by not pronating correctly. I dont suggest throwing like this because Im pretty sure it has led me to some arm complications that I must continually fight, and a slight loss in velocity. Its very hard for me to throw correctly with the right backspin, so its not like I can throw the cutter whenever I like… :cry:

Ryan, it sounds to me like you have finger placement issues. I see this (natural slider action) alot in younger player and pitchers with smaller hands. If you can’t get your thumb under your middle finger when you throw your fastball you are going to get some slider type spin without trying.

oh okay, ill try that at my practice tomorrow and see if it helps out. Thanks! :slight_smile: