How to Increase External Rotation?

I am wondering what drills there are to increase external rotation? What is the most effective way to do so? And how much of an impact on velocity/control does a 180 degree external rotation have?

Thank you.

Can you be more specific? I can’t think of anything that rotates 180 degrees except Luis Tiant :smiley:

Changing my arm action is what helped me the the most. The more continuous my arm action got and the better timing it had, the better external rotation I got.

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This is what I’m talking about:

Can you elaborate?

Sounds like jimster is talking about fluidity of motion coming from improved range of motion.

Perhaps resistance training like is used for rotator cuff programs can help gain the extra flexibility and the strength of the cuff to handle the new flexibility and put it to good use.

Rotator cuff work as well as scapula work should help increase your range of motion in the shoulder and allow your hand to lay back longer as your shoulder turn begins to pull it forward, sort of like a fishing pole pulling forward well before the hook snaps forward.

I don’t usually spend much time analyzing the arm since it’s sort of like arm slot or other variations of the delivery that eventually lead to the same place. It can be unique to the individual with some commonalities. Some people throw very hard and don’t get their forearm all the way back to parallel to the ground.

Throw. And throw a lot.

That’s some good advice, but as CoachPaul suggests not everyone needs to have great ER

If you read jimsters blog you will notice it has taken him quite a long time to see an increase in ER.

Scap work and flexibility will increase ER BUT it might not translate into success for increasing velo.

ER is a result of previous things that you did right. If you look at your motion in slow motion, I’m sure you’ll see things that you need to fix. For me, it was and is a hitch that is present and that effects my timing.

I would get yourself on video, that’ll show you everything that you need to see.

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My observations lead me to believe that mobility issues/ soft tissue restrictions in the pec minor, subclavius, subscapularis, lats, etc will hinder external rotation. But more often than not it’s the player not understanding or having learnt the proper movement pattern to allow for external rotation. That is, learning how to let the elbow lead and not try to push the ball towards the target.

consider isolating that area of your arm action and seeing if you notice any improvements. If your arm CAN PHYSICALLY LAY BACK when you over-exaggerate this movement a little bit, then its more likely than not an issue with your movement pattern and not a mobility thing (although mobility work would help some, for sure).

further progression…adapted from Paul Nyman’s backwards chaining drills

I think this is an excellent point.

I would also add that you need to be careful to not do something that would loosen the shoulder joint. Stability of the shoulder joint/capsule is critical for pitchers.