How to Improve Without Throwing?

Summer is my time to improve work on my mechanics but I don’t want to be throwing everyday and blow out my arm so what is a good way to improve mechanics without having to throw. I go threw my windup all the time when I’m in the house but are their other things I can do on my own to work on my mechanics. Because this summer I want to work on getting more momentum and keeping my hips and shoulder closed a bit longer so are there drills I can do to help with those that way I’m not throwing everyday or not throwing 100%?

Throw bullpens of 10-15 pitches each day that will not blow out your arm.

I never thought about that. that aint a bad idea.

are there drills i can do to work on these things though?

The only way to gain MPH is throwing and mental approach to throwing.

I’d do what RIstar said, and also study some pitchers. Watch some video clips closely. Sorry I dont have much for drills though.

I just thumbed through Bob Bennett’s “101 Pitching Drills” book hoping to be able to give you a good drill, but I didn’t find one for ya. I used to work on my mechanics every day in the bullpen. I didn’t throw or even grip the baseball in my hand. I just left it in my glove and went through my motion, marking off my stride length goal in the dirt halfway down the mound. Then I’d concentrate on really striding out and hitting that mark in the dirt with my stride foot.

Other days, I’d work on other elements of my mechanics. I always whipped my arm through, though, 100%. But because I wasn’t gripping the baseball, it placed minimal stress on my shoulder and arm.

You might give that a try.

Not if that throwing is done with less than optimal mechanics.

You might as well have had a towel in your hand. :wink:

I thought you might say that. I’ll tell you, a lot of pitchers in the Cubs organization did it this way. I don’t really have a problem with it if it gets kids down in the bullpen working on their mechanics. I didn’t do it, but that’s not to say it’s not beneficial.

Good mechanics, as have been discussed, are simply repeatable mechanics. As a pitcher, you’ve got to get to that point where you can repeat your mechanics in your sleep. So working on them without throwing – with out without a towel – is highly beneficial.

Well, repeatability of one’s mechanics isn’t a guarantee the mechanics are good. One can repeat bad mechanics. But I agree with your main point that pitchers - at all levels - need to continually work on their mechanics.

Steve, just thought yuu might get a kick out of this but, Jeff Wallace, who used to pitch in the big leagues practically swears by towel drills and credits a lot of his development to them

so according to u ristar, if you think your going to throw hard and throw strikes you will? pitching is not all mental, its basically mechanics, and bein able to repeat those mechanics over and over again, without creating injuries

Well you need a mental mind set to do this and thats 100% important.


yeah teh mid tells the body what to do, but, the mind cannot tell the body to do things it cannot do. Just because your mind tells your body to fly, doesn’t mean you will be able to.