How to identify batters

How do you identify a batter? By this I mean by his stance, his swings in the circle, and where he stands. example a slap contact hitter holds bat flat or more parallel to the ground so you throw him pitches low and not belt high. If up in box throw fastballs if deep throw curveballs. If scared and dancing feet throw inside.I know I am oversimplifying this but does anyone have a website or material?
Once identified how do you pitch to them?

One time I found one through google that was perfect. It had pages and pages of different types of batters and situations–but i forgot it. I would reccomend looking at google searching things like “Baseball Pitch Sequence” and Baseball Pitching Strategy", etc.

i work 2-3 types of batters

over anixous

your over anixoos batters probly ur number 345 hitters

alot like to swing at the high heat they dont have great at bats they eather nail it or dont pitch around them

nervous batters you can tell quick moving bat a front foot step these are guys looking for walks they dont wanna swing cuz they not great hiters
so give them 2-0 count then 2 strikes they wont swing then try to get them with a real hard fastball they no they have to swing they will and they will miss


postive 1 2 hitters there good hitters no there gonna get on base try to get them jamed up or extending over the plate

negitive batter stuck out probly top line up or bottom has a stikeout
they dont wanna be there get them on 0-2 and thorw around the plate

when a batter walks away smaking the plate with his bat u no hes negitive is that it

Its tough to identify hitters probably the best in the game that I have read is Greg Maddux, he knows how to set up hitters not just on their previous experiences and films hes watched but also in that at-bat. I am nowhere near that intelligent yet with identifying hitters to i just try to pick up on their bat speed.