How to handle getting rocked

I went to this baseball camp once, back when I was a kid, and they had this crusty ol’ pitching coach guy. He was real kinda sleazy in a way. Like, the camp was at this college, and he would try to talk to all the college girls walking around and stare at them, etc. It was funny.

but check this out. He had this great view of dealing with nerves and stress on the mound and feeling the pressure.

I’m paraphrasing, but this is pretty close to what he’d tell us:

“If you go out there and do great, you’re a hero and everyone thinks your great and pats you on the back. If you go out and get shelled, the coach takes you out. You can come sit in the shade, grab a beer and watch some other poor sap sweat it out there on the mound.”

He sortta made it seem like a win-win situation.

Well the old guy had a good perspective if you feel secure about your position and it does not happen very often. On the other hand, I would analyze what happened very seriously.

What pitches did the batters really tattoo and why? Did my velocity drop? Was my fastball too straight? Did I hang my breaking pitches? Did I telegraph my change-up? Was my location bad? Am I just too darn nice on the mound (I would not even think of brushing someone back, I might hit them…)

Ask the catcher what was happening. He can give you good perspective. Were the batters really digging in? Where batters up in the front of the box to get your breaking stuff before it dropped?

The go work on the stuff you need to work on!