How to grip the ball?

Hi everybody…
why do coaches want to to have the kids grip/hold the ball in a way that the wrist is reversed?
(like in: handpalm (with the ball) is pointing backwords before delivery)

im sure you guys know what i mean but…show me one mlb’s who does…and ill show you ten who dont)


In an attempt to keep their shoulders closed longer.

There has to be an easier way.
What I can’t understand is why some coaches can’t see the forest for the trees, who are so focused on the various minutiae that they can’t get the big picture. They want the kids to keep their shoulders closed longer—aren’t there some other ways to do this? And doesn’t having to do this make things more difficult for them—especially when some of those same coaches keep insisting on the kids throwing over the top, straight overhand? No wonder those kids run into all sorts of problems. Sheeeeeesh! :?

I’ve always felt that a pitcher’s hand position should be dealt with much like arm slot. Natural is usually better than trying to force a position or slot that is unnatural.

Turn, you would have loved Eddie Lopat.
He was one of the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation of the late 40s to the mid-50s; he doubled as an extra pitching coach for the team; and he had a basic premise: every pitcher has a natural motion. Whoever he worked with, be it a Little Leaguer, a major leaguer on whatever team, or someone like me who just wanted to be a more effective pitcher, he set out to help said pitcher make the most of that motion, that delivery—and that included the grip. I was extremely fortunate to have him as my pitching coach for almost four years, and one thing he never did was get into all kinds of abstruse technicalities or kinesiological stuff. He showed me the grip for whatever pitch, demonstrated the wrist action, then handed me the ball and told me to “go ahead and try it”. And if I was having some difficulty he would suggest some alteration in the grip, and that usually worked for me. I will never forget September 17, 1951—the “Day of the Slider”, when he taught me how to throw a good one. It became my strikeout pitch! :slight_smile:

tnx guys…this is exactly what i was looking for.
Whenever it happens next i will ask the guy why…and will report!-)