im a freshman in high school throwing about 75mph.
im 5’10 230lbs…
i want to know is that the right mPH i should be throwing.
if not i want to get use my weigh more to throw harder.
i want to get used to constanly keep pushing off the rubber hard.
the guy that impresses me the most is TIM LINCECUM.
i watch his videos and i see how he stides so far and his legs just explode.
i want to learn how to do that.
sumtimes i feel like i do it. but i want to start to do it every time.
how should i practice and work on doing this??
i really need HELp!!!

first of all:

for your height and especially your weight you should be able to throw harder than that, whether its your mechanics or whatever its hard to tell. If it is possible to post a video of your mechanics then we can see whats up

and if you can pull off lincecum mechanics then go for it if you think you can do it. You just need to keep practising these mechanics

Thanks I Think im clocking 80 now but i will certanly try to post up a video of my mechanics.

Lincecum and most “efficient” pitchers don’t push off the rubber. They get “pulled” off. You’ll tear up your knee trying to push off the rubber.

xv84… what u mean they get pulled off… and how does it tear up yo knee… cause id o it and it doesnt hurt

your not “pushing” instead your leading with your hips but you keep your weight back which gives the effect of pushing. Try it. Go on a mound and when your leg is up lead with your front hip and bend your back leg for you to get max power from your legs

arite gras sir… yaeh i do like exactly what you said. it feels like a push with ur legs… ill try 2 get a vid of my mechanics sometime

im a freshman in high school …im 5’10 230lbs…

Please do not take this personal… I’m approaching your situation as a coach … with a coach’s concern for your well being.

Your height to weight ratio requires you to take one-on-one coaching from a pitching coach who has EXPERIENCE with your physique and the physical demands on your lower back, pelvis, legs … especially your knees. Don’t experiment here. I know the members of this site are offering you advice sincerely and honestly… BUT, your pyhsical build is passing on reactions to your performance … rather then the other way around. Pitchers like yourself snap release a lot with their wrists, leaving the arm and knees to bear the brunt of their pitch.

Your build has a lot of potential … if its coached properly. Ask for coaching … find a college near you and visit their practice field. Watch pitchers that fit your build … only older of course, and take a moment to ask these guys some questions … just like you did here. A lot of college pitchers are very eager to pass on what they do to a youngster that shows respect and interest in THEIR work. Who knows… you might even get dugout seats to watch them during a bullpen session. In fact, I used to look forward to Jr high, high school, Legion guys wanting to talk to my pitchers… it was very good for both levels. And it did my pitchers good to know someone coming up the ranks thought enough of them to ask for their opinion.

Coach B.

Tim Lincecum has a stride that is at least 100% of his height probably more. To have one that is 85% of your height, ideally you want to have enough functional strength to squat 2.5 times your body weight. Also you need excellent flexibility. Lincecum is also a freak of nature is you look at his hip and shoulder separation. He has to be like 75 degrees separated at leg bracing where a lot of the college pitchers I work with max out at 40 degrees and still throw 89-91. You should try to get your pitching motion quantified and then have a qualified trainer use your analysis to build you a pitching specific functional strength and flexibility program. Within 3 years you could make a huge difference. You’ll just have to set some short and long term goals and work extremely hard. (oh yeah and don’t get hurt).


What do you mean by “has more scientific research”?

[quote]Some pitchers just don’t know what they do and some use their arms for strength which will kill their career later on…

How else can you send your body forward without pushing. I’m not so pumped about the advice some people have given you. Can’t say I was an amazing college pitcher or coach, but it’s common sense that to move forward you have to push. How else does your body move forward? The only other way would be falling forward and that gets you no momentum at all and only leaves velocity up to your trunk turn and your arm.[/quote]
If you stand with your weight centered between your feet, then the simple act of the knee lift creates an imbalance allowing gravity to go to work. Keeping the posting leg rigid will then cause the body to move forward. This process starts the moment the stride foot lifts off the ground. Shifting the hips in front of the rest of the body increases the imbalance. Swinging the stride leg out front creates even more forward momentum.

Ah yes. The ol’ towel drill. Mills loves to bash he towel drill. In fact, he is against most drills, if I’m not mistaken. IMO, there are times when drills are appropriate - including the towel drill. Of course, most folks I’ve encountered who don’t like the towel drill don’t understand its purpose.

I would check him out and take only what sounds valid and makes sense. In fact, I’d recommend that with any “expert” out there. I don’t particularly agree with everything Mills has to say. He has some good ideas and some not so good ideas, IMHO.

Russ what gets me, is out of your first four posts on this site you tell everyone else to go to Dick Mills and then after bashing some decent advice you come here asking for help…Bad form :nono: . We don’t tell anyone things like that here, we attempt to assist, if folks go over to Mills site, well that is ok, several folks here listen to and advocate certain things that Mills advocates…particularly momentum within delivery. I don’t have issue with his assertion that drill work needs prioritization…I don’t like his bashing and I don’t like it when a new guy says he ain’t so pumped on the advice and go over there. If you disagree with a point, address it, give your perspective and allow the poster to make a judgement based on what the poster needs not your impression of what is “good, bad or indifferent”. Ok?

I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was bashing anyone. I’m sorry I addressed it that way, but I do have to say I trust Dick Mills research and advice over anyone else because he actually has reasons and tests he’s used and found that support his points. I don’t agree with everything he says though.

I even said in one of my posts that I don’t believe I’m an expert or a great pitcher. The only post I suggested that the advice was poor is when people say that you don’t push off the rubber. But after hearing the explanation I understand what people are saying. Anyways, don’t worry about giving me advice…I feel like a bit of a jerk so I’m just gonna take my post off. God bless.

It’s not a major deal, just take a second and feel the spirit this site offers, many times if you just soak it up a little, you’ll see that it is one of the very rarest things on this internet…an agenda free place where folks can come, get help and not have to worry.
We all want you to post, we want yours and anyone elses opinions…it’s how we keep this thing happening. My statement wasn’t an attack, it was instruction…how come it doesn’t pump you up…(You’ve said here the answer to the question) let the guy know it…he may agree, he might not…someone else may say something to change your mind…it’s what we’re all about. Mills…well he has science, Nyman has science, O’Leary and Marshall and many others also bring a scientific perspective to the things they say…much like global warming…many angles.
We like for the individual to find his own “truth”…it may be a smattering of all of those guys…it may be none of them.
You aren’t a jerk at all…well maybe if you have a little sister she may think so… :wink: . If you don’t know or understand, how can you be held to account.
I thank you for your blessing and offer mine back. :smiley:


I agree with JD. (Did I just say that? :shock: ) Stick around, share your ideas and opinions, and learn from others’. No need to apologize or delete posts. It’s all good!

To me, your post made it sound like you are familiar with Mills’ teachings but no others. So your recommendation to check into Mills sounded a but naive. That’s ok. You might catch some heat a tiny bit but we keep things in check pretty well on this site. I was once in a similar situation. I had extensive Tom House knowledge but was not familiar with the ideas and teachings of others. Now, thanks in large part to folks on this site, I’ve been exposed to guys like Mills, Nyman, Marshall, etc. and now have an expanded knowledge base. That’s not to say I know these other guys’ teachings to the same extent that I know House’s teachings but I can at least give consideration to their ideas. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Stick around and it’s just about guaranteed that you’ll learn something.

Here you get no BS answers. Remeber Mills is trying to sell something. Not that he has no “research” (most “research” is altered to fit the person who’s showing it) but he does have some very extreme beliefs a bit far from the norm. He has some right ideas but IMHO he’s trying to sell his teachings to guys who don’t want to weight train and guys that don’t throw hard thinking if they do what he says they will be incredible. Don’t listen to all the BS. If you come here your going to find guys, like Roger, who know a lot about pithing and have a good idea of how to balance out the extremes of each pitching coach.

Here the only thing the website creater Steven Ellis is selling is a workout book and I think 2 pitching tip books. He isn’t trying to sell you the right way to pitch (there is no right way). You need to listen and make sure more words go in your mind than out your “fingers”? yeah. Listen up and your going to find the best way to pitch is a little trial and error and listening to the overall picture of guys who do this not to make money.

Good Luck.