How to get the hitter on there front foot?

I was pitching the other day to a left handed power hitter.
I threw him:

1st pitch curveball outside for strike 0-1
2nd pitch Fastball for a ball 1-1
3rd pitch fastball for a foul ball strike 1-2
4th pitch fastbal inside off the plate for a ball 2-2 he had seen alot of FB so it was time for the hitter to get on his front foot.
5th pitch Change-up outside strike 3 and the hitter was on his front foot and swung 2 seconds before it got to homeplate.

So what you want to do is throw your fastball for pitchers pitches and then to throw off his timing change speeds with a change-up or a curve ball. The Curveball pitch is now the best pitch i like to get the out in front because the hitter can pick it up by spin and the change-up they can’t.

Always work on the change-up it is the best pitch you can throw to set off the hitters timing. And at the high school leavel is not used that much.
I am the only kid that throws a change-up out of all the pitchers on my high school team. I have looked at all the other teams and haven’t seen one kid throw one to a hitter this season. So it is the most effective pitch because you can’t pick it up like a curveball.

I have a good changeup that I use between 10-15% of the time in game. I have an overpowering fastball for my level (low 80’s), and a devestating 12-6 hammer to go along with it. A typical strikeout AB for me is something like-

Strike One- Fastball outside corner

Ball One-Fastball up or in

Strike Two- Changeup low swinging

Strike Three Curve low away swinging

I’m working on my change. Never seen one in a game and no one throws um. I’m wondering though if you throw a change correctly will it make your arm as sore as a fastball? I’m wondering if i can go out and throw say 100 change-ups in a row and will it effect my arm much? I just wanna throw a lot of change-ups at once to get the hang of it but it’s a whole different story when you have to go from the transition of fastball to change-up and i understand that but I’m wondering should it affect my arm or what?

Im my grade i also have an overpowering fastball(same as you low 80’s), but i dont have a “game changing” curveball, so i use a change up to get them on their front foot and then blow a fastball through them, and sit’em down with a knuckle or another fastball.

The change-up i have is a straight change with plenty of away movement. I have some control over it (6/10) and when it works its devastating. When i throw it lots i find i lose some power in the next few fastballs and then it comes back. i tend to throw it on a good day 15% of the time

Yea, I spent all last summer and fall getting by with fastballs and changeups because my coach wouldn’t let us throw curves. But now, I’ve started to throw some benders, and it has given me basically the best stuff on my Varsity squad (I’m only 14). THe changeup is definetly a helpful pitch, I would grade mine a 7/10 because I use the Vulcan changeup variety. It has good deceptive action, but the real killer is a forkball like action it gets.

Location is key. Work him in and then K-him on the outside, or vice versa.

It actually for me depends on the hitters characteristics.

If hes tall with lengthy arms and has a closed stance or etc.

Well this is how i handle big ball players.

I have an overpowering hard fastball (88-90)

Lefty(my favorite hitters)
2 seam fastball grazing the outside plate, Usually it tails out for a ball but i fool the hitter and the umpire so i usually get the call.
Then i come with a straight fastball outside painting the black, keeping it low just out of his reach.
on my 0-2 count i waste a pitch. Tight, high at the hitters hand, usually like a cutter to jam him or back him off.
Than i drop my sickest pitch in, circle change up with screwball break low outside corner

Works everytime