How to get noticed from a small school

I’m a freshman who goes to a very small school located in NJ. It’s baseball program is average at best, and lets just say the coaching isn’t the greatest either. I would classify myself as an average pitcher (fastball in the low to mid 70’s) with decent off speed pitches. My question is what I need to do to get noticed by scouts with my current school situation.

I am a coach at a small school in new jersey. Dont concern yourself with being recognized. If your good and you produce they will find you. Train work hard and listen to the players and coaches on hear. They know pitching.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Work harder than everyone else. No exceptions.
  2. Work smarter than everyone else. That is, work to improve.
  3. Eat right…really right…not once in a while.
  4. Sleep right
  5. Lift right…for the game…forget the beach muscle approach.
  6. Take care of the Grades. PERIOD.
  7. Be positive
  8. Be a great teammate
  9. Help your coach with the equipment, field, etc.

If you do those things, a coach or umpire will make a call or two for you and say “This kid is special”.