How to get more spin on the curveball

14 years old, 6 ft even, left handed. Been working on a curveball recently to add to my arsenal. I grip it the standard way with a little room in between the ball and hand so i can use more finger pressure. I’m finding that right now it seems like the spin on it is very inconsistent. I will throw one and it’ll look like it broke 4 feet but the next one will have close to no break from what I can tell. My question is: is there a way I can get more consistent and greater doing on the baseball.

It’s all about feel. Put the ball in your glove, reach in and find your grip and throw 20 curves… think about what and when it went right and repeat.

Now the part I purposefully waited till now to write. Set up a camera behind catcher and do what was stated above. Later that night, review it and see if you pick up anything in your arm slot, release point, wrist angle, etc between what worked and when it didn’t. Not between what you think it should LOOK like and what it shouldn’t.

Curves are thrown a 100 different ways, you just have to find yours, and being 14 I’d say be patient you’ve got a long way to go to perfect it. Eventually when you get there you can tell right out of the hand whether it’s a great breaking ball or not… FEEL