How to get hips going fwd from stretch?

Getting my hips moving forward during my leg lift from the wind up is helped by the momentum i after swinging my leg forward after my initial back/side step …

But how do I generate that kind of forward momentum during leg lift from the stretch, when I don’t have the benefit of the initial backstep to swing forward from?

Do you guys have any subtle tricks or tweaks that spring you forward during your leg-lift from the stretch?

Tip 1: Start in a more athletic stance - a slight bend in the knees and at the waist.

Tip 2: Bend both knees equally. On the mound, this will cause you to lean toward home plate but that imbalance sort of gives you a head start. Many pitchers bend the back leg and straighten the front leg to orient themselves vertically relative to flat ground. But you’re not going to move horizontally - you’ve going to move downhill so orient yourself relative to that downhill direction.

Tip 3: Practice pushing the hips sideways. There is a drill called the Hershiser Drill you can do. You basically stand next to a chain link fence or padded wall, lift your knee, and stride into the fence/wall by pushing your hips sideways. Your hip (or maybe a little bit of your back pocket) should be the first part of your body to touch the fence/wall. Search this site for more details on the drill.

thanks for the tips roger. I wouldn’t’ve thought’ve that on my own, can’t wait to try it.

I’m one of those who bend only the back leg so I feel level with the slope. In looking at that video of clemens on top of this page, i can’t tell if he’s starting from the stretch or not but it does look like during leg lift his weight is kind of lopsided, leaning forward, like you instruct from the stretch… achieved with bending both knees equally.

Leaning forward to create a weight shift to help get momentum going is correct. But you still need to make sure you lead with the front hip and not the front shoulder through your stride. Head and shoulders need to stay slightly behind the front hip into foot plant.

il try that i never pitch from the stretch


" . . . . I never pitch from the stretch."

Huh? You’re kidding right? Please explain.


Maybe AdamSmith44 plays Little League where there are no lead-offs or stealing (before the ball crosses the plate)?