How to get college coaches to notice me when i had injuries

Im a soph at a D2 junior college and walked on last year and threw a few innings( due to prior surgery) for the baseball team, How can i go about getting looks from four year school when my junior and senior year in high i had arm problems an a surgery which leaves me with basically no high school stats and barely any college stats and some summer league stats

My advice is to put yourself out there as much as you can. Get into contact with coaches because they won’t come to you. E-mail coaches and be straightforward with them, many will give you a chance and will watch bullpens or video of you. There are so many schools to pick from, if you really want to play then there is a place for you.

Also, I’ll be interested in hearing how everything works out for you. I recently finished my sophmore year at a Junior College last year but injured my elbow at the end of the season so the four year I was going to go to dropped my scholarship. I’m taking a year off to heal and will be going through a somewhat similar situation to you next year when I try to get schools interested in me again.