How to get back in pitching shape?

I haven’t been on here for a while because i’ve been in cross country running and racing and stuff. Decent sport. Not my favorite. But yesterday i found out the tryouts for my baseball team at school was next tuesday wednesday thursday! I was shoccked. Like it was just so soon. I havent pitched or anything in like 2 weeks tops. I tried playing catch with my brother today and well the ball i used curved everywhere. Im gonna find a better ball. But idk what to do to get in shape for pitching?? help? Im in great shape from cross country.(long distance running everyday) tips? advice?

I really would advise you to wait until the next tryouts. You say you haven’t been doing anything other than playing catch, and it’s going to take more than just one week to get into sufficient pitching shape. You don’t want to push things; you’d be risking some serious injuries to your arm and shoulder. You need more time—yes, you can start now, but the odds of your getting into shape for pitching are astronomical. Don’t worry—things aren’t going to run away. 8)

Get in the cages to see a few pitches, throw a little and show up with a good attitude and confidence that your skills and abilities will get you where you want to be.

Just throw that fastball every day, and get in the cages to see some live pitching, if possible. It’s not a lot of time, but like the previous poster mentioned, if you go in there with a good work ethic and positive attitude, you’ll showcase your potential well.