How to get a college to notice you

i was wondering how to get a college to take a look at me to see if im capable of playin college baseball. im 5’11 15 and throw in the 84 85 range .

Assuming you are talking about targeting a specific college or two, mos tall college baseball programs host summer showcase camps, which are a great way to show your skills right in front of them.
Also most showcases have like a 60 player limit or something of that nature so that they can see you individually.

A lot of camps get listed here
But some school just post them on their own website and that’s it.

Thanks for that

The best idea I ever saw was a girl on my daughters high school fast pitch softball team. The team was very bad in a lower level league so she knew she was not going to see the light of day from recruiters even though she had a lot of talent.

What she did was ask the dads of the girls if they would contact their old college atheletic deptartments & softball coach and recommend her. She ended up getting a scholaship at one of the schools. Ian.

I think the simplest way is to just play baseball. If possible play in a comeptitive league that potentially goes to competitive tournaments. For example there is a tournament in Ohio called the Black Swamp where to get into the tournament a pro scout or college coach must recommend the team, therefore at the tournament it isnt unusual to see 30 or 40 scouts and college coaches at a given game. If your struggling finding a team or a league that suits you showcases and or camps might be your last option only becuase sometimes they can run a couple hundred dollars depending on how much you want to spend.

A lot of people just simply call the college coaches and tell them that they are interested and set up a time to come in and tryout. Thats what I did.

I suggest e-mailing the assistant coach first and ask how they would like to receive information about you. The assistant coach usually handles the recruiting. Then the head coach is the final decision maker. It’s always better if you do this yourself and not your parents.

[quote=“astrosmania”]i was wondering how to get a college to take a look at me to see if im capable of playin college baseball. im 5’11 16 and throw in the 84 85 range .[/quote]i think you will be gettin some recognition in the next 2 years with that speed

You need your high school coach to start writing letters and making phone calls to colleges that you are interested in, and/or colleges that he has connections with. In addition, talk to your summer coach about other coaches and scouts that he might know. It’s all about networking: talk to as many people involved in baseball as you can, and make your intentions known to them. If possible, go to open tryouts and talk to the scouts there about your aspirations. Very often pro scouts will have plenty of connections with college coaches, and are aware of who needs what and where you might fit best. If there are no tryouts in your area, see about going to a camp or clinic; very often there are coaches and scouts there too.

Be courteous and make friends with all scouts and coaches along the way … you never know who might be able to help you. (And it’s always good to have a lot of friends.)

I agree, Joe. Nicely said. Talk to your high school and summer league coaches – and ask them to contact the college coaches in their network. Many coaches – especially those who’ve been doing it for a long time – have developed relationships with various coaches. And that’s far better than your parents or you contacting college coaches directly. Best.

Not all HS coaches will do that for you. If your HS coach won’t then make sure you work with your summer ball coaches and on your own to get noticed.