How to gain weight for fast metabolism

My son is 15 years old. He is 6’4”, but only weighs 157 pounds. His exit velocity is 88.1mph. He works very hard on mechanics as well as conditioning. He is religious about arm care as well. My question is how to get him to gain weight to up his velocity.

Lift weights and eat like it’s his job, that is the simple version.

Lift- Get on a program that is designed for overhand athletes and work it hard. My 15 year old is in the weight room 6 days a week right now, he has gained close to 15 pounds since August.

Eat- Getting enough calories, and the right mix of nutrients, can be hard…a kid can only take in so much volume. The key is eating dense foods. Get the right amount of protein at the right times of day. Do some research online for the amount of protein and ideas for how to get it. My son has a second lunch box in his backpack and is fortunate that his teachers let him eat in class. He has a snack or small meal almost every class period.

Been there…done that. In April of 2019, my son was 16yo truly about 5’11" and hovered around 140lbs. We spent $50 and has a nutrition consult at Cressey Sports performance in Florida after months of fighting with him to eat. They helped him understand how to measure out (using his hands) the “right” foods and eat to support his performance & strength training. They put him on an easy to follow plan and made him track and report meals & numbers back to them (accountability). My job as dad was easy… just make sure he eats! To do that I still to this day, get up every morning and make him a power breakfast. He’s a competitor…so we track the calories #'s every morning which drives him. 2000-2500 almost every day before 8AM!!! Was hard in the beginning…had to almost force feed him…but once he got use to it, it’s now not a challenge. He eats pretty much non stop. Had to move up to nearly paper grocery bags for his lunch now!! :slight_smile:

Here is his weight log… he is now almost 6’4" and still growing. Trains hard 5-6 days a week in some fashion…so that too helped drive these numbers!

June 1st- 144.6lbs
July 1st- 161.0lbs
August 1st- 171.4lbs
September 1st- 185.6lbs
October 1st- 196.8lbs
November 1st- 204.0lbs
December 1st- 212.2lbs
January 1st- 216.2lbs

the only thing kids with “fast metabolisms” need to do is to simply eat more calories. Eat in a caloric surplus as well as strength training to make the gains. I’d recommended downloading MyFitnessPal which is an app that lets you track your food intake day to day. Stay consistent with your food consumption and the weight gain will follow.