How to gain Velocity

After looking over numerous articles about various velocity gains, I’ve decided that the best way to gain velocity is not to try a new mechanic that promises a .5 MPH gain. Its also not through a new yoga system. Its…Ok get ready…I know you may not believe me…but here it goes…youneedtothrow

Obviously throwing is most relevant.

The other stuff is just supplemental…it may not give you added mph, but it CAN in some cases.

DUH! :baseballpitcher: [size=24][/size]

You need to throw obviously, but I also think you need to do a ton of other stuff to gain significant velocity. Long toss, weight training, conditioning (distance and sprints), Core training, Med ball/Physio ball, Stretching, plyos, pilates are all things that can help. I’d try to implement as many as you can into your workouts.

Throwing is one tool, not the only tool.

Does your high school have a class for baseball?
If you do, you could just go to the gym and work on the things they teach you (obviously)
My school does, and they emphasize that your legs/core give you a lot of power. Some of these workouts you need a partner for:
situps with medicine ball- go through a situp and throw a 5-10 oz medicine ball to a partner, 2 sets of 25
torque drill- get a 5 oz medicine ball and sit down. lift your legs in a bent position and quickly rotate the ball from side to side touching the ground
leg press as much as possible, as well as squat a lot

Tell me if you need further explanation on anything, i was kinda vague about some of it (or all of it, actually)