How to Gain Velocity!

I’ve been working out all summer long and i can tell that im getting stronger all around but its not showing when i pitch…any tips?

make sure ur mechanics are sound

profound answer. What type of workouts are you doing?

i work out 3 days a week each day ill focus on something different legs, arms, core, and i do a band workout

are you throwing at all after workouts? also, make sure you stretch a lot if you are lifting… if not, you will get tight and won’t be able to get the same reach while pitching and your over all mechanics will suffer. that’ll probably lead to arm problems. but as a way to add velocity long toss is great if you mix up distances. start short for a warm up, stretch it to 250-300ish feet, keep it around there for a little, shorten it up slowly, then go back out and finish with a short box. worked for me.

i usually throw a small bull-pen before working out but ill try the long toss program thanks!