How to gain velocity

I’m 16 yrs old. Last week I went to a showcase and was told pitching wise that my mechanics were almost flawless but my velocity was avg to low. They had me sitting at 78-79 and topped at 80. What are the best ways that some of you know to gain velocity. I’m still growing so some may come that way but id like to gain 5+ MPH this winter. Any help is appreciated.

Send us a video of those flawless mechanics to see if we see anything. Also how is you weight program/fitness program, longtoss program we need more info…help us to help you.

I’ll try to get a video soon. At the moment I’m still playing so i’m not going to start a weight program to the seasons over. And from the long toss point, everyday during the winter i long toss

Here’s what I did

I take a long step back, similar to Whitey Ford [HOF Pitcher]
I took Lincecum’s long stride
I push off the rubber and I got a badass arm

I’m 14 going to 15 in 1 month and I do 77-78 and occasionally 80

I don’t even work-out…People tell me, do push-ups and squats but I forget :smiley:

You are 16 now, probably going into your Jr. year, I would think that 78-79 mph in your So. year is right on target (not slow) and that your goal would be to tickle 84-85 at the beginning of your Jr. baseball season. You can definately do that with a good program of core work including sit ups, ab work, running, sprints and leg work.