How to gain velocity

I’m 16 yrs old. Last week I went to a showcase and was told pitching wise that my mechanics were almost flawless but my velocity was avg to low. They had me sitting at 78-79 and topped at 80. What are the best ways that some of you know to gain velocity. I’m still growing so some may come that way but id like to gain 5+ MPH this winter. Any help is appreciated.

well i throw in the mid 75s. and im 14 turning 15.
i put on 15 miles over the last 2 year due to intense long toss sesions and swimming as you know swimming helps u build up ur lower body which you need to pitch and ur upper body and paticulary ur shoulder. but if u work out too much ur gunna lose the explosiveness in ur arm speed. so u have to do a mixture of both

Owls, how old are you?

I think he said he was 16? Right Owls? And I think the swimming is great for off season strengthening.

There are a lot of ways to gain velocity but here are just a few:

    Long toss Weight lifting WITH plyometrics, if you don't know what your doing make sure you find a workout program for pitchers. Doing a football or beach workout is not what you want Stretching Sprints