How to gain percieved velocity?

I just seen jonathan papelbon pitch and they said his 96 mph fastball looks like its 102 mph because he hides the ball well and can add percieved velocity to it? how can I hide the ball better and seem like im throwing harder? I throw about 70 and it would be nice if it looked like I threw 75-80

The term “perceived velocity” as I know it takes into account distance from release point to home plate. So, if you’re able to move your release point closer to home plate, you increase your perceived velocity. And that reduces the reaction time the batter has to see and hit the ball.

In addition to what Roger said, there are quite a few different factors when it comes to perceived velocity. Often times you will hear about guys like Trevor Hoffman and Johan Santana having a fastball that’s “sneaky fast” and that’s because even the best batters don’t know what’s coming (pitch-wise). If they wait back on the off-speed stuff the fastball’s gonna pass right by them before they can react (even though Johan doesn’t typically get over 93 mph, he’s still considered one of the best pitchers, if not the best, right now. And though Hoffman doesn’t blow his FB by anyone, he is able to shut down batters w/ his change-up). All this to say: your other pitches can attribute to how effective your fastball is.

Another part of “perception” is in the delivery. Dontrolle Willis never had the best stuff, but it was really hard to pick him up behind that high leg kick. I faced a similar pitcher this last fall- didn’t throw over 75 I’ll bet, and he looked like meat from the on-deck circle, but his motion was so distracting from the batter’s box that he was able to throw you off just enough to get outs.

Just to add to what the other guys said a good off speed pitch like a change up can also help a ton in the perceived velocity department. If there’s a good change in velocity between the 2 pitches after seeing a good off speed pitch your fastball will look that much faster.

Your off speed pitches have an enormous influence over this. Try to get your change at least 8 mph difference from your fastball. This will make your fastball appear much faster than it really is.