How to: front side firm/ locked

As I chase the tail to get returning back my new problem is my front side never locks up. Once my fs leg hits the ground my body continues and my hip knee and foot overrotate. I’m ok with my leg being bent, but instead of my torso/ back hip slamming up against my front side/ front hip allowing the whip action in my arm, my body continues to rotate and my knee hip and foot end up pointing behind the lefty batters box (when pitching righty) which is causing my arm to be pulled around instead of the whip. Any ideas on keeping the front side firm? ( I’ve tried slamming my front heel into the ground, slamming the ball of my foot into the ground, I’ve tried flexing my front leg as it lands, I’ve tried pushing my knee toward the rightys box, and nothing)

Could be a timing problem. Without seeing you I can’t suggest much except to try moving earlier/faster down the hill. The idea is to give yourself only enough time to just get squared up at release.

Sometimes, just getting yourself moving faster cleans up timing issues.

I added a video link if that’s helps, thanks

Yep, you are too slow to the plate, IMHO. You go slow enough that you give yourself time to over-rotate by release point.

You have the ol’ up-down-out front leg knee lift motion and your total body doesn’t really get moving until the “out” part of the motion. That’s too late. Try getting your hips moving forward at the peak of your knee lift. Also try to lead with your front hip - keeping head and shoulders slightly behind the front hip into foot plant. You might find the Hershiser drill helpful in making this adjustment.

Once you get comfortable moving forward at peak of knee lift, then try moving forward slightly before peak of knee lift.

These adjustments will feel awkward and will change the overall timing of your delivery so other parts of your body - particularly your throwing arm - will need to adjust as well. The trick is to make small, incremental adjustments and get in lots of reps. You look to be very athletic so you should be able to do this.

Gave it a shot and it actually made things even worse, my front hip pulled out even more and bracing up was impossible. There has to be something to initiate the front hip bracing or something like that after I fore the back hip

I find that the front knee ends up pointing the direction that your center of gravity is moving which could be different than the direction you’re throwing the ball. This can also be seen in the tilt angle (left/right) of the front lower leg. By aligning with the direction your cog is moving, your leg has the most strength to support your weight. If your cog is moving to the left of your target, then you could experience what I think you’re describing. And moving faster down the hill could exacerbate that.

Does this sound like what you were describing in your original post?

If so, then contributing factors include starting position on the rubber, stride direction, posture and balance, glove control, the degree to which you open your front leg/foot, etc. Unfortunately, your video doesn’t reveal the pitching rubber nor the target you’re throwing to so it’s difficult to determine starting position on the rubber, stride direction, etc.

Can you post a video from front or rear that shows the pitching rubber and target/home plate?


How about taking a few minutes to give me some pointers in the “Please Help Middle School Mechanics” thread.

It would be greatly appreciated.


I saw your post and intend to provide some comments but am trying to decide how to organize my comments since I won’t be able to address your entire list of videos in one sitting.