How to fix glove flying open?

Hi guys. I’ve had this issue for a long time and I need to fix it. Recently, I have been pitching well but I was looking at videos of my outings and the glove flying open was a consistent problem. When im pitching I dont even realize I’m doing this. Does anyone have any drills or suggestions to fix this. Thank you.

A different way to think about it, or a focal point during warm ups and bullpens. Try thinking about taking your chest to your glove. As you hit front foot strike, you should still be in a front side closed, equal opposite, form. Once there your glove is out in front, toward your target. Now think about leaving your glove there, and driving your chest into your glove. Either way repetition during warmups with you glove ending on your chest should help.

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Put a 2lb weighted ball in your glove when you throw. the weight will force you to use your gloveside in the appropriate way.


Try to make sure your glove hand is not flying open.