How to Fix arm action

Hey guys I posted a video in a different mechanics thread i created a month ago with a slow motion analysis of my pitching. One of the biggest problems i see in it is that the way I throw the ball is almost by completely keeping my throwing arm straight the whole time (think like a catapult). I feel like i could generate a lot more speed by fixing it and getting more of a “whipping action”. Any tips on how to achieve this?

I’m the dad of a Class of 2019 pitcher. I’m not a baseball/pitching expert, so my comments only relate to my son’s experience of being in your shoes.

I have noticed for the last year or so that my son had some mechanical problems with his pitching motion, just by comparing his form to other really good pitchers in our league, as well as pro pitchers who are known as having great mechanics. I was concerned about his performance, velo, etc., but my main concern was whether any problems with his mechanics were making him more prone to injury. We worked with a couple of pitching coaches and tried some remote training via video and Skype without much improvement. We finally decided to do the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp at the Texas Baseball Ranch. They’re big on spotting mechanical flaws (they call them “disconnections”) that they think hinder performance and/or increase injury risks. They work with a number of tools, but one of the main ones is a connection ball: You do various drills that involve throwing a baseball into a net while holding the connection ball in different ways, based on the flaw you’re trying to fix. After a month of doing the connection ball drills for 15 minutes about 5 times per week, my son’s arm action has improved DRAMATICALLY. His control/command has also improved. Obviously we’re big believers in the TBR training, so I’d highly recommend that, but you can also find a number of connection ball drills online for free (the connection balls themselves are cheap). I’m sure there are many other options for improving your mechanics; this is just my two cents based on my son’s experience. Good luck!

Try the towel drill. Easy and cheap. You can’t perform it without creating the whip action.

If i search towel drill will it come up or can you leave me a link to the right one?

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Just Google “towel drill baseball” and it will give you a variety of options on Youtube.

Tom House built an empire with a dirty dish towel but throw it away! All that’s necessary is have a partner take a knee at a distance far enough so y’all don’t collide and have him give a "low five " like he’s wanting something set in his hand with fingers straightened out. Pitcher throws with the finger tips as his target and voila all is perfect. I can share an example video even Tom liked on Facebook then called to say I was taking food from his mouth now he can’t sell that stinky trowel!