How to fix a pitcher "j e r k i n g" his head?


I didn’t very clearly understand the question you are posing here, Steven.

Could you be more specific?

Glad I’m not the only one…

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Oh, and my solution would be to use some reverse progression drills to make the pitcher throw using just the tail end of his delivery and without j-e-r-k-i-n-g his head. Then back up a step in his delivery and repeat.

Remember, it takes LOTS of reps to replace one habit with another.

Wow! I didn’t realize that j-e-r-k-i-n-g was on the banned list! I’ll take it off.

Roger is of course a genious.
When I have a pitcher jerking his head, I find that holding his pet dog Skippy hostage usually works :shock: That failing I have several ominous looking characters surround his sister…

In addition to our smart innovative friends very concise remark. I find that it also an awareness issue, the younger ones don’t realize they are clearing their head in that manner, I’ve heard it referred to as symptomatic of poor timing (Clearing the head to get the arm through on time) and posture related. So I’d also invest on the kid some drill work oriented to timing and posture.

Some pitchers will “jerk” their head up after delivery – just to see how their pitch did … instead of finishing their complete form with a positive ending format that relaxes the muscles AFTER transferring all their energy
TO the ball.

Usually, when a pitcher is showing signs of fatigue, is behind in the count repeatedly, and is having stability problems with the frontal surface of the mound … this “jerking” of the head up is a tell-tale sign.

The resulting imprint on the pitcher is … invariably, a stiff neck, discomfort in the lower back, and a shot gun kick reaction to the pitching side of the body.

If not corrected in time … at the time… by the pitcher or his coaching staff, this disruptive motion and be a signature of this pitcher’s style and motion in future appearances. And if left unchecked … over time, can be a career killer.

If I have a pitcher who can not … or will not … remove this tendency, I’ll have him practice leveling the inside bill of his hat on top of the catcher for an extensive practice session that can last from two to three hours twice a day, until he understands the rhyme and reason for the routine. If he forgets himself during a game and starts with the head “jerking” all over again, without fail … a trip to the mound and a friendly reminder of the large basket of baseballs waiting for him after his days off… brings the guy around without fail.

Excellent subject detail that’s overlooked by assistant coaches and first year pitching coaches. Excellent topic Steven.

Coach B.

I’m not usually a fan of showing young pitchers video of themselves messing something up–that kind of video is usually more valuable in the hands of a good coach who can analyze it and then work with the pitcher to incorporate appropriate training into his workouts.

However, I might make an exception for something like this–especially if the pitcher is completely unaware that he is j-e-r-k-i-n-g his head and resistant toward the idea of working on it.