How To Find a Pitching Coach?

I live in Western MA and would really enjoy working w/ a pitching coach this summer while im doing my weight training and throwing. My mechanics are pretty sound (I’ve only walked 2 guys in 11 2/3 innings, while striking out 6 or 7), but there is something Im lacking, and would love the help with my off speed pitches. Im having trouble being consistent with a curve ball and changeup.
If anyone can help me locate reasonably priced coaches (I cant afford to pay hundreds for hour long sessions ect…) than i’d be much obliged.

Ask around and search the net. Also go to local college games and ask around. Sometimes the pitching coaches do clinics and one on one lessons in their spare time.

If you’re in western Mass., then you’re close to Amherst College. Give head baseball coach Bill Thurston a call. He charges $150 for a three-hour lesson on video that you keep. He’s the best – and best of all, he’s practically in your backyard.

Thanks a million Mr. Ellis, I’ll defenitely give him a call. I’d be able to come up with $150 for a good lesson, and getting the whole thing on tape defenitely helps… Means I dont have to spend another $150 should I forget something.
Amherst is about 30mins away from me.

$150 for 3 hours is a hell of a deal. Most instructors around here are charging 35-50 a half hour. That is without a video, and for most of them, they do not have any experience coaching at a high level of competition.

does any one know of any good coaches in the Vancouver/ lower mainland area