How to find a good pitching coach?

Hey guys I was just wondering.

I have no clue where to search for a pitching coach in my city.

I live in Canada (calgary, alberta to be exact…) and I think just the fact that I live here means I have a lower chance of finding one.

Any idea where I could start on my quest for a pitching coach?

how old are you?

15 goin on 16.

Don’t know my Canadian geography that well. Is Regina near you? There is an NPA-certified instructor in Regina. Or maybe you’re close enough to U.S. instructor? You can get info here

regina’s a province away from me.

i live in southern alberta, which is… on the west side of canada, but not on the coast (which is british columbia)

i would rather not have to travel too far from home to get instruction.

Thanks for the link roger i will check it out.