How to find a clinic?

First post everyone, so please excuse the newbie mistakes…

I have a 9yr old son that has been a very good pitcher for his team, relatively speaking. (He would throw a single inning at a time when he was 7, then started throwing 2 innings last summer) He seems to have developed some mechanical issues this spring, that I can see happening, but I’m not sure how to correct.

I’d love to find some camps/clinics for him to enroll in this summer, but I’m not seeing many. We live in a fairly rural area in southern Vermont, and we don’t mind traveling a little. Does anyone have recommendations for good youth pitching clinic in the northeast? I can do the random google search myself, but I’d love to hear from anyone with good personal experience.


Have you checked with any of the nearby high schools or colleges?

Google offered this…amongst other stuff…I went to 2013 Baseball camos Vermont…it looks like a bunch of fun

You might find an NPA-certified instructor close enough to you on the NPA website
. I don’t see any in Vermont but there are some in New York and Massachusetts.

There is one in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a good private instructor. You can get in touch with him; go to and connect with the list of clinics, camps and pitching instructors, and you’ll find him. The ones in New York are too close to the New York City area, so if you don’t want to spend a whole day driving the Massachusetts one is your best bet. Good luck. 8)

He’s been to this one the last couple years, but they don’t spend much time on pitching:

I’ll check out the Lake Monsters clinic that someone posted (thanks, by the way) and then look up the guy in Mass. Thanks for the info everyone. Good forum, by the way.