How to ensure hips opening before foot strike

I have trouble maintaining consistent velocity from day to day and I think the biggest reason behind this is not getting my hips to open before foot strike. If I wait until foot strike to open my hips, it pushes my lead knee forward (knee flexion) after foot strike and takes away from my velocity. My question is: How can I ensure that I am opening my hips before foot strike?

You can try a SETPRO drill that seems to work for this: Stand in the set position, go through your regular glove knee motion (kick and stride), and deliberately stride to a spot 1+ feet to the outside of your usual foot strike position while maintaining your regular shoulders-closed upper body posture.


You need to use your Arm/Leg movements in your single leg phase to make sure you go into your Foot Strike vertically stacked (with your Head over your Bellybutton).

    Any forward weight shift generates a premature Foot Strike that causes your Front Foot to make contact with the ground before you can open your Hips.
There’s no blanket solution to getting you vertically stacked into your Foot Strike … only individual solutions.
    You need to use your pitching chain to pinpoint your Arm/Leg actions that currently create your imbalance and then adjust these specific Arm/Leg movements to keep your weight centered moving into your Foot Strike.
Good luck moving forward,

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute