How to do lat med ball throws?

Not sure I have the right name here. I’m asking about the throws done with 2 pounds that are meant to use the lats and no so much the shoulder, so high reps can be done to fix mechanical issues. I believe they’re done with med balls. This is not to be confused with a “weighted ball program” for shoulder strength, or “med ball throws” to increase his strength. This is so one can go through their mechanics numerous times.

It would depend what mechanical issues.
Generally throwing a heavy ball is going to get rid of extra, wasted motions. Long arm actions tend to shorten up ect. Same concept as putting weight on a bar and lifting it…in order to lift heavy weight movements have to be efficient.
The other concept that is the same with heavy weights and heavy throws is learning how to do them and working your way up. I would never put 200 lbs on bar day 1 and ask a guy to lift it to fix his issues with a lift. Be careful going out and throwing heavy balls. Randomly doing things like that can be injurious and will (generally) not get the results you want. There needs to be a process in place.
2 lbs usually would be considered a weighted ball.
4 lbs to 10 lbs or more would be considered a medicine ball. Medicine balls throws, things like scoop tosses, rotational throws, overhead slams, reverse overhead throws ect…these are usually used to build explosive power and movement.

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I feel the need to add to what I said…
If you are actually throwing the ball…as opposed to a medicine ball slam or some other medicine ball movement…underweight balls are much more dangerous than overweight balls. throwing a tennis ball is more dangerous than throwing a football for example.