How to develop better pitching command?


Command of your pitches?

Command of the strike zone?

What have you had success in doing?


One thing I do to get better command of my pitches is to play catch with them, especially the change up (that is my problem pitch). The more comfortable I am with the grip, the more command I can have over my pitches.


Play catch with your pitches all the time, and pitch as much as the arm allows. When the arm gets tired, shut it down, period.


ya thats what me and my friend do. we play catch for about 30 minutes each day just throwing our pitches back and forth and i have great command. We dont throw 100% though about 60-70%


Control the front side, balance and posture. Controlling when you open and how far you open along with consistently hitting your release point with good balance and posture.

Comfort with grip is good and necessary, but without the above you won’t ever command your pitches.


Ah, memories…
What I used to do as a little snip, I’d get a catcher and we’d set up at the right distance and play “ball and strike”. This was more than just a drill, more than just playing catch. I’d have the catcher position his mitt high, low, everywhere except standing on his head :lol: , and I would work on control, on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt—and what a satisfying “thwack” when the ball got in there! The whole point of all this was to sharpen my control, and I really needed to do that because I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of and had to go to the snake jazz. I continued to do this even as I acquired more breaking stuff, and I worked with my crossfire move as well. It was fun as well, as I would imagine hitters up there at the plate and I would concentrate on just plain getting them out… :slight_smile: 8)