How to deal with an awful catcher?

Some catchers are amazing some are awful. I’ve had catchers on my team that can’t frame, can’t block pitches, can’t catch, and can’t hold the ball over the zone. How do I deal with these people?

In amateur baseball there’s seven things that you’ll have to get use to.

  • A teammate’s performance is out of your control.
  • Coaches coach, pitchers pitch. It’s a coach’s problem when a player fails. Leave it like that.
  • Encouragement of another player can be a slippery hill to climb, so don’t.
  • Take care of your own game and let everyone else do the same.
  • There are no friends on the field, only those that can and those that can’t.
  • Complaining in baseball is like picking the fly poop out of the pepper. So don’t.
  • Life is going to be full of disappointments, so get use to it.

well said

Remember when Yogi Berra first came up to the Yankees? His middle name would have to have been “good hit, no field”—he was a tremendous hitter, but he couldn’t catch a cold. So the Yankees went ahead and hired Bill Dickey, a former great, to teach Berra how to catch. It was hard work, but eventually Yogi became one of the greatest catchers in the history of the game. Maybe something like that could be done here…get a good catcher to teach this"awful catcher" how to become a good one. Worth a try, isn’t it?

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On the youth side, very few kids show an aptitude for catching.
Some have one or more of the major traits: leader, game smart, strong arm, quick feet, efficient throwing motion, framing, blocking, and game calling.
Some of these can be worked on more easily than others. Pick your battles as far as investing time on certain guys.
I would argue that if a candidate possesses the first three…a strong arm, game smarts, and leadership qualities that I can vastly improve everything else with some hard work.

Without those three…you are inevitably wasting your time.