How to create slow motion clips?

How do you make slow motion .gif clips for analysis?

I use windows movie maker and if your video doesn’t open using that use quicktime, but if you can use the movie maker because you can slow the video down to .125 actual speed or to any speed you want. With quicktime I believe that the slowest is .5 of actual speed.

Windows movie maker came with my computer so you shouldn’t have to install with. To open your video with it click your video file and select open with and choose windows movie maker.

I hope this helps!

My camera films in slo-mo and HD. Its a Casio EX-FH25. Its great for analyzing between pitches when throwing a bullpen.

The best way to do slo-mo starts with a camera that captures video at a higher frame rate. Standard video cameras capture 32 frames per second (fps). My camera captures 300, 600 and 1200 fps. I use 300fps most of the time and 600fps occasionally. I consider 300fps the minimum you’d want.

Check out the Casio line of cameras that offer higher frame rates.

I searched and searched for ever with different free programs and finally found one that works and is simple:

  1. Download Hypercam and you can grab videos and crop them easily from sites and news.

  2. Download GIMP 2.6, its free.

  3. Here is a link that will walk you through. To make it slow motion you can delay the time between frames or slow it down through your video converter before importing it to GIMP.

If you have any questions or want some videos just email me. I am trying to put together a library.

This helps a lot

If you use a Mac its right in the IMovie options for the clips