How to create movement

when i throw my curveball i make it spin in the right way but it doesn’t seem to move all that much. It gets a little break but i’m looking to try and get a little more on it. Also i would like some help with my circle-change.

There are plenty of articles around here with different grips for different pitchers. The best thing to do is mess around with all kinds of different grips and see what works best for you.

Well you know what helped me a lot?

Switch to a spike curve grip it will help you get top spin on the ball and can make it a lot tighter once you get used to it.

Note to d2thedouble u:
I remember when I was having a problem with my circle change (that pitch is not as easy as it sounds). I couldn’t seem to get a good grip on it. One day I mentioned this to my pitching coach, and he took one look and told me that my hand was not quite large enough to form the complete circle. He suggested going to the backward “c”—a half-circle with my thumb and index finger—and using more of an off-center grip. I tried it, and it worked very nicely, and so I was able to add this pitch to my arsenal. 8)

Hey D2,

As mentioned from these folks, play around with different grips. There are plenty of different sites available on the internet to find that information.

It isn’t always the case that certain grips are better than others, but that certain grips are better for each individual. Your arm slot, hand size, and throwing velocity are all examples of what plays into a pitch moving or not.

make sure you finish the pitch. make sure your thumb pushes up on the ball at release. Like snapping your fingers, stay on top and really get your middle finger into it. Think top to bottom with the curveball, really try to keep the majority of the pressure on the middle part of your middle finger, not the tip or pads.

play with different positions on the ball, there are different ways to grip a curveball…I use the two seam curveball grip cause I saw tim lincecum and verlander throw it that way so I tried it and when I give a good finish to it, it’s pretty nasty.

difficult to tell you what you need to do specifically with your curveball without seeing how you grip it and throw it. However, all of the pitchers I work with have more rotation on the ball when they keep their same arm slot, arm speed and only change their wrist and forearm angle to a karate chop action. Most pitchers will slow the pitch down to throw it for a strike and the ball will end up hanging.
Also, make sure your fastball mechanics are up to par. You cannot get the rotation you want on any pitch without applying great fastball mechanics to any pitch you are throwing.
The circle change is my favorite pitch. I too had to do more of a C shape that a circle. You may also want to try and throw the pitch with thumb and middle finger splitting the ball in half for better control. The C is thrown toward home plate.