How to cool down after pitching

I’m going to be writing an article this week about how pitchers can cool down after games on my blog and wanted to link to this post.

What do you do? Run? Ice? Eat? Shower? Relax?

More importantly, why?

(There’s no wrong answer!)

I personally as a starter follow this regime, and its worked for me(no arm injuries, sore arm or anything)

After a start ranging from (80-120 pitches) I will do some sprints around the field we are playing at, and take maybe a quick 5 minute jog. Then when I get home, I throw on my shoulderwrap ice thing, and go for a 30 minute ride on our recumbent bike, keeping my HR at 120-160. After the bike ride, I’ll do some light tubing exercises, and then go take a nice hot bath. Maybe a protein shake for food, something rich in protein and carbs.
The next day, I’m usually a little sore in the arm, nothing unusual. I’ll usually do about a 30-45 throw longtoss session at about 200 feet, just to loosen up. And the day after pitching is usually when I’ll do a big tubing/light weight shoulder workout. This is generally also my lower body lifting day, because I know I won’t need my legs for pitching for another 3 days atleast.
After that, nothing is set in stone, just the day of the start and the day after.

I throw about everyday. Whe I’m done I…go to my room and start some homework. So, not much of a warm down at all. If my elbow or legs are sore/tired, I take a pretty warm shower. Also, for my elbow sometimes flex it while holding a 5 lb weight. But that’s basically it for me. I don’t have much time after work to throw, so I just try to throw as much before the sun sets :cry: .

Well i pitch almost everyday like 20-30 pitches. After that i grab my water bottle and get on my Eliptical machine at home and use it for about 6-8 minutes this gets the blood flowing and a workout for my legs too. After that i go and eat a meal with good protein and good fat for me since im pretty slim This is my Daily Regimen and after pitching in a game about 90 pitches i still go home and use my eliptical machine 8)