How to break into MLB scout job/front office?

Other than becoming a big leaguer, my dream job is to essentially be Billy Beane or Scott Boras. I’ve heard that the best way to get a job of any sorts in professional sports is to have played that sport at the highest level and rub elbows with the right people and to have them take a liking to you, take an entry position and work your way up. If anyone could comment or elaborate more on this topic or has had any experience with a job in MLB or any tips or wisdom they would like to share it would be greatly appreciated!


Recently, the number of scouts employed by MLB has taken a drastic downturn. Most teams employ less than half the number of scouts of even just 5 years ago. Most of the scouting is now done via sabermetrics as the boots on the ground scout fades into the background and is limited to review of only highest level prospects.

Wow, thanks for the reply. Kind of Trouble with The Curve huh? I haven’t been around the game long enough to really have a place to say my opinion but that almost seems a little sad to me, great baseball minds replaced by computers. But I guess thats the way of the world.

MLB does such a crappy job of developing talent it barely matters anyway.