How to break in a new glove

My glove is broke in except for the bottom of the webbing and I can’t figure out how to break it in.Anyone know how?

What brand and what kind of glove like rawlings Pro?

really the best way to break it in and get a nice big pocket is to just catch with it… Preferably with someone who throws hard.

when I get new gloves I use this foam stuff that u spread it on and then cook it in the oven. You did like 3-4 times and it comes out pretty good and worked in.

After that you just play catch with it until it is broken in.

I think the foam is called Hot Stuff or Hot Glove…suttin like that, not sure. It comes in a spray can, I do know that, lol.

Rub some Vaseline in it where you want it to fold,
Put a Ball in It,
Put Rubberbands Around It,
Put a heavy book or something on it overnight,
Play a little catch,

Its a rawlings gold glove

just playing catch is prolly the safest way, ensuring longevity and whatnot.