How to bounce back after a awfull please

so in high school my pitching was dominate and im not used to losing bad.
i entered babe ruth league and i was supposed to be the ACE pitcher.
my first start was awfull. i had 6 K with 3 hit batters and walked nearly 10.
i never in my pitching career have had a bad start like that one.
now i feel like i lost my whole composure and seriously i was all over the place last start. i pitch next week and i want to know what should i do to get my confidence back and start pitching like i know how.
please help.!!!..

gotta put it behind you. Figure out exactly what went wrong. Come up with a plan for how you are going to fix that. Were you trying to be too perfect with your pitches or losing your focus? figure out what was going wrong, and next time you can do it differently. If you have never pitched like that before, what’s the chance you aren’t going to be able to bounce back? You know you have the ability to pitch a lot better, just go out there with a fresh approach, and don’t worry about what happened last game. You weren’t pitching your best then, but you can figure out what you need to fix, and do it. Nothing to worry about.

thanks man…i will try my best if my ability o put it behind me and start fresh…
thanks again :smiley:

It happens to just about every pitcher once in a while.
I remember a chemistry teacher I had in high school, and he would demonstrate experiments, and occasionally one would fizzle out, so he shrugged and said “Oh well, it’ll work out better next time.” Is this what happened to you? Your stuff wasn’t working, or your control was off and you threatened to set an all-time record for bases on balls? Well, it does happen occasionally. You might want to sit down with your pitching coach, assuming you have a good one, and go through that game pitch by pitch and pin down what went wrong and then figure out how to fix it. Jim Turner, one of the great pitching coaches in the majors, used to do that a lot. The thing was, he would wait a couple of days and then take that pitcher into the bullpen, sit him down and replay the whole game that way.
Rest assured, it’s not the end of the universe. The problem, whatever it is, is fixable. Next thing you know, you’ll go out there and pitch a two-hit shutout. So don’t lose any sleep over it. 8)

I have done pretty bad in some of my games this year. My coach told me to forget about and rear back and throw it next I pitch. It works for me. And it might it work for you.