How to bend it to the right? (rhp)

Hi guys,

my 10y old (rhp) throws a 4sfb and has natural movement to the left.(pitchers view ofcourse). (basically everything he throws bends to the left)
How are we going to get the ball move to the right?
(pretty much like Romo! -)

tnx all!

Pa, you’ll find that bend has to do with his getting his hand “outside the ball”, this is when the ball gets between the hand and head. What it does is stress the shoulder (Pressure when extended and stressed). What you need to work on is getting the hand behind the ball, put a line or wrap a line of electrical tape on the ball, when he gets his hand behind it, it will be a straight line which will match his arm slot \l/, after he gets this fundemental down, you’ll see it isn’t all that difficult to get some inside run (Sink) on it by over balancing his grip and pronating, a little after that he will discover a true slider and try and figure out how to cut it (Cutter),both pitches are fastball variants but they need the strength and dexterity of a post pubescent kid at the 60’ 6" distance. At this age it is crucial to have him fundementally sound, getting a high strike % with the fastball is where you should be paying most attention…that, keeping it fun and watching his usage.


…what jdfromfla said. Plus, Romo is a sidearm RHP, or very nearly a sidearmer. His armslot is very close to that of Jeff Nelson, another pitcher who basically used two pitches, the 2-seam FB and slider:

In this clip, everything that breaks down and tails to the left (pitcher’s perspective) is a slider. Everything that runs to the right is a 2-seam fastball.

As a righty, your son’s fastball–whether 2-seam or 4-seam–should not really tail to the left if his index and middle fingers are directly behind the ball at release, as JD suggested for a true fastball.

Probably he is cutting the fastball release, that is…getting his fingers slightly to the side of the ball at release…without really be aware of it. JD’s idea of using a ball with piece of tape around the equator can really help him get a true fastball release, i.e., with the gap between his index and middle finger exactly bisecting the ball at release.

Hi guys…
you are correct…he doesnt have a true fastball.
We are still tinkering with his arm slot and his grip but my best advice this far on this site is that one doesnt want to change ones natural slot and throw and all that.

FWIW…he is a really really good pitcher and one of the biggest talents in the country (eu) but he has never ever been able to throw a correct 4sfb.
Ive kinda gave up on it tbh…for now.

But he has so much love for the game so i guessed we start toying around with the inside moving pitch.

Anyway…his natural slot is pretyy much the same as romo’s but i would really like it to be more up…like timmy-).
Its easier controlwise and seems healthier to me?

Our coach (who surprisingly enough showed us a 65mph knuckleball thrown as a forkball!) said that he would have to have the two fingers together on the top and flick it off to the right. (fingers on the left side, ball to the right side)

thats one sick video!
I didnt know this pitcher…(but romo’s slot is higher)
Oh and…you know you are a legend right?
keep em comin!

tnx guys!

Oh and…so how do we cut it to the right?


jd wrote

Sorry guys…my english is too basic for words like pronation…what does it mean and what does it do?

Pronation is the normal way the hand concludes a throw (As in if left to it’s own accord), the thumb will end down, so the hand behind the ball, as you release the hand tends to pronate or thumb down turn, supinating is the thumb ending up and it is considered incorrect.

Roger here is throwing a slide piece with correct pronation…the wrong way would be to allow the hand to roll over… and have the thumb end up

The same idea is how to cut it, sinking it is overbalance on the other side…but remember you need strength and dexterity to do this right and I very much encourage continued work on fundementals.

Whenever this happens to me, I start closer to the batter(right handed) on the rubber

tnx jd…thats good stuff!