How to be on target

If you want to throw on target how do you like throw it there.Another words need control help.

practice practice practice and repetitive mechanics

then more practice
and more mechanic work

then practice

Agreed. Just throw everyday trying to hit your catchers glove each time. It’ll come with practice.

Good mechanics and repeatability of one’s mechanics leads to consistency of one’s pitches.

[quote=“Roger”]Good mechanics and repeatability of one’s mechanics leads to consistency of one’s pitches.[/quote]Agreed, Roger and I’ll add that lots of practice hitting spots is also required, making sure the environment is as close to the game situation as possible.

stare at where you want the ball to go all threw ur wind up and follow through also when you break your hands piont your glove where you want it

[quote=“A.Smith 34”]…when you break your hands point your glove where you want it[/quote]Sorry to disagree but I see no value in this and I see no examples of high level pro pitchers doing it. Most on this board know (and are tired of hearing it 8) ) that I have an issue with the “point the glove at the target” cue. I typically ask the questions “when” and “for how long” do you do it. My recommendation about lead arm action is to go to the video library on this site and study what the pros actually do. Be careful of these cues that get passed on simply because it sounds logical. Watch the pros.

hes 11, u might wanna re-phrase that

11 and throwing all those pitches?
second post

I will say that all major league pitchers,without exception,point their elbow at least.Whether they point their glove or not is more their own style.The elbow is critical to the “mirror image” of both arms during a throw.Try throwing with your left hand in your pocket and you’ll see how important your glove hand and the momentum/balance/timing that is in that arm.Too many variables to really answer your personal case,though.You can take awful fundamentals(mech.) and be accurate with enough practice.Look at D-Train.Good luck.

[quote=“bennysdad”]I will say that all major league pitchers,without exception,point their elbow at least.[/quote]When and for how long? I contend that none of them are “pointing the elbow”. As I had suggested, look at the video clips library on this site for what the pros do. Here are examples of the two lead arm motions that are prevalent in the major leagues. This is a dynamic motion of the lead arm. Any “pointing” happens for a nano-second, is incidental and is not the key component of what they are doing.

when i want to locate my pitch i just stare at the target i want to thorw to … i dont take my eyes off of it. then when i point my elbow at the plate before i throw (natural motion) my elbow tends to point in and out or up and down depending where im looking. maybe its just me… but it works … i dont focu on my elbow … i jsut look and make sure my elbow is pointing to the catcher. i also have a hard time pin pointing up inthe strikezone… so i jsut over throw… it just stays up.

While repeatable mechanics are key, I think pitchers need to be careful not to be too mechanical … at some point you need to be athletic, turn it loose, trust your stuff and not worry about the results . Instead of breaking down every move you make, adjust your release point … it you’re up, work to get the ball out in front a little more - throw it into the dirt if you have to, but adjust !.

Regarding control, gain confidence thru prior success and know that you can repeat it . As a kid, I did this by throwing at targets … all the time, with anything . Had a chalk target on the side of Mom’s house and spent hours throwing tennis balls at the target ( warning - my Mom still likes to tell how many windows I took out ) . Took baseballs over to the school and threw at different parts of the backstop … made games of it. Baseball is a game, and the skills I developed in these little games that I’d make up carry over…and help instill confidence in your ability to throw the ball where you want .

Be an athlete , not a robot !!

Just repitition. I’ve got pretty good command of the strike zone and about 9/10 pitches i hit my spots. I remember my last time pitching I threw 2 curves on the outside corner to a LH batter, because I knew he couldn’t hit the outside pitch. Then I froze him with a fastball outside at the knees.