How should I write my throwing program to gain as much velocity as possible?

As of right now, I’m just long tossing using Jaegars Bands as warm up and recovery and throwing whenever my arm feels good enough. While throwing, I throw to my max distance on a loop then throw with high intent as my partner comes in.

I’m not really sure what time of throwing stuff to do besides this to gain velocity and if the throwing program style I’m doing as of right now will yield good results?

Getting bigger, stronger and more athletic will do more to increase your velo than anything you do with your arm. What is your height/weight? Tissue quality? How much do you dead lift? How much do you power clear? What is your verticals jump? Improve those metrics and you will increase your velo. You can only throw so much, right? Get a good workout plan specific to overhand athletes and work it hard, eat right and get extra sleep.