How should I warm up?

I just arrived at the field, cold. What should I do to pitch? Edit: I am wondering how long should I run and what stretches should I do?

Stretch first maybe run some poles?

Prior to pitching?
My son will do some generic warm up, not static stretching but some full body movements, butt kickers, karaokies ect.
He will jog a couple of poles. He will then do arm circles, do a J-band routine, wrist weight routine, some plyocare throws (various exercises) until he feels loose and ready, then long toss before he heads to the pen to warm up.
So, my answer is there is a lot of different stuff you can do.
There are a lot of variables of course. If you are just jogging for a bit and doing some static stretches that is better than nothing, but just.
It is a matter of personal need and preference I think.

That’s good stuff to start with. Most everything else is up to your routine. Working J bands can help warm up the arm and shoulder capsule. Jumping jacks and arm circles are good as well. You definitely need to do that stuff before throwing.

If you are going to employ any static stretching, do it after your work out. I still wouldn’t do any aggressive static stretching.

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