How should I look at this?

I had an interesting outing today

I went in during the 5th (out of 7), with a 2 run lead.
They scored 2 but we came back and took the lead 7-6.
Next inning I gave up another run, but we came back. 8-7 us.
7th, one batter, shallow fly ball for a single and i get pulled.
they ended up winning, but I’m more disappointed about my performance.

I threw just over 50% strikes when i normally throw 70-80%.
I had trouble hitting my spots with everything but my curve.
It didn’t feel like I had the same zip on the ball that i usually have.

What should I take from this, if anything?
I’m leaning towards just turning the page but im not sure about this one.

I wouldn’t get too work up over one bad outing. Now, if it becomes routine, then that is something to worry about.

Learn what you can from the outing and move on.

If it’s one game just brush it off and stick with the same routines, everyone has a bad day once in a while.